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March 28, 2009
Freidman on Donahue on Greed

I don't recall where I saw this last week, but it is important, timeless, and timely.

Friedman reminds us all that capitalism may be bad but everything else is much worse.

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March 24, 2009
Recessions Are Cleansing - Maybe Even Government

Last evening as I was reviewing the silliness of America's political class and its attempt to handle this recession I had a thought. The areas most hit by this recession were those that were most regulated which means that the regulator class has a major political problem.

It struck me that this may end up meaning some political house cleaning in one way or another over the next couple of years.

Then my wife pointed me to this article about how amazingly hard this recession is and will be on the autocratic regimes around the world.

What if the first great depression created statism and the second might actually lead to libertarian decentralization.

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March 01, 2009
Odd Juxtapositions

There seems to be a meme on that somehow the burgeoning drug violence in Mexico should lead the Federal government to prohibit certain semiautomatic rifles.

The irony is almost too thick. People want to start a limited firearms prohibition to combat the violence caused by a limited drug prohibition. Does anyone actually have a hard time acquiring any illegal drug they want? Clearly the profits are high enough to purchase a lot of guns...

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