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October 31, 2008
It's All Tricks This Year

Stolen from Mankiw and wherever else he stole it from...

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October 13, 2008
Gura: We Earned the Fees

If anyone ever wants to read amazing legal argument that is also excellent writing, Alan Gura always delivers.

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October 05, 2008
Puritanism is Alive and Well

Pity that the First Amendment and Lawrence v. Texas don't actually mean what they say...

Max Hardcore (who I've met a couple of times) was certainly a guy who made really filthy material. As far as I could tell he was just a pretty smart and commercially successful dom. He's going to jail for 3 years because Federal Agents ordered content from him that touched on a couple of the new "seven deadlies" that porn producers can't sell in commerce.

What really angers me is reading the Judge (a Clinton Appointee) quoted as saying basically, "it doesn't matter that the performers fully consented to things that I find disgusting. You're going to jail because the jury and I find it disgusting!" I guess some speech isn't speech and some presses aren't presses...

Update: I recommend you click on his name above. Be careful what you publish, the government just might seize your website too.

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October 02, 2008
Nordyke: Briefs Are In

The briefs for the Nordykes are in. I'll be updating this post as I obtain copies of Alameda's briefs. Here are the briefs in support of Incorporation:

Nordyke reply Brief from Kilmer and Kates
Amicus of SAF from Gura
Amicus of NRA/CPRA from Michel
Law Professors Amicus
Various Professors Amicus

Update 10/8: Below are the anti-incorporation briefs:
Alameda County reply Brief
Alameda Amicus Brief of LCAV, Certain California law enforcement, and others.

Reason has written a piece on Nordyke a as well.

For reference, see my previous post for the initial supplemental briefs.

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