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August 02, 2007
Why Prohibition and Repeal?

And all this time, I thought Prohibition was repealed because We The People realized the futility of banning things... I should have known it was really all about taxes.

Posted by hoffmang at 09:27 PM

Controlling Speech in War

Suppressing speech in time of war really gets under my skin. Glenn Reynolds calls it more crushing of dissent which is a dig at both the actual suppression and how quick some were to claim that this would be happening in the US.

The quick summary is that a wealthy Saudi is suppressing the publishing of 4 books published by Cambridge University Press that outline how Saudi Arabia funnels money to global terrorism. It is both too bad that the previous CEO, who is a friend of my family's, has retired, and that Britain doesn't actually have the strong protections of the Freedom of Speech that we have in the States.

I ordered Funding Evil. Alms for Jihad is not available at Amazon, but it is at least in stock though very expensive at Alibris.

Depending on how this all plays out, I may have to exercise some fair use rights and my scanner...

Posted by hoffmang at 08:52 PM

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