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September 18, 2008
Competent Government?

D.C. rushed to liberalize their gun laws in the last couple of days to stave off being stripped of all regulatory authority over guns. However, in their haste to implement this emergency measure, they criminalized their entire police force and every armed federal agent in D.C. The new law bans the possession of any magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds. Almost all duty issue firearms for the D.C. police and Federal Agencies come with more than 10 round magazines. There is no exception to the misdemeanor violation for anyone where there are exceptions to the other restrictions for sworn officers...

I've been tempted to write a letter to ATF to inform them that they are in violation of local firearms law.

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September 14, 2008
Briefs Are Filed In Nordyke v. King

The Nordyke's and Alameda County have filed supplemental briefing in Nordyke v. King. This is a case with a convoluted history regarding Alameda's attempt to ban gun shows at the Alameda County Fairgrounds because a criminal once caused a multiple victim shooting at the County Fair. Note that the Fair still runs, now with metal detectors. This looks like it's going to procedurally be the first appeals court decision incorporating the Second Amendment via Due Process Incorporation. I'm pretty confident of the Nordyke's prevailing based on the fact that they are in front of the same 3 judge panel that had this to say the last time they looked at this case before Heller was decided.

Hat tip to Don Kilmer and Don Kates who have done an excellent job on the briefs. Amusingly, Eugene Volokh ended up linking to the two filings hosted here but I had been remiss in posting this. I missed a Conspiralanche...

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