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November 15, 2001
Sushi Treats Depression

Reuters is reporting that Oxford researches have concluded that Omega-3 fatty acids found in Mackerel and Salmon are critical to brain function. Eat your Sake and Saba.

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November 13, 2001
Scientific Evidence For Religious Catastrophe

Interesting - though early - scientific clues that there may be some hostorical basis for religious cataclysm stories are being reported. Various dating and impact cratering as well as close study of religious mythology point toward the possibility of a meteoric impact or shower around 2500 B.C. This is very interesting in light of Skeptic Magazine's recent story on Velikovsky and his followers. Will mainstream geology, science, and history find Velikovsky right though misguided?

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November 01, 2001
DVD CCA looses Trade Secret DeCSS Case

The consortium in charge of key maintenance for DVD encryption lost its trade secret case by losing the preliminary injunction on appeal. The appellate decision is available in PDF form. The case basically states that since trade secret law is a state law it is automatically superceded by constitutional protections on free speech and the re-publishing of source code is a pure speech activity.

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