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May 28, 2003

This pretty much nails it:

By: Randy Bish

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May 11, 2003
Mobile Phones and Airplanes

I've always thought the restrictions on mobile phones on airplanes is bunk. This article from Gizmodo made me think about a strange experience I had on the way back from Seattle aboard Carolina Pacific.

I routinely monitor a bunch of maritime VHF channels when underway, and one is 16 - which is also the international distress and hailing frequency. Elrod was using a Verizon analog/digital mobile phone to make a quick call home. As soon as the call connected, my VHF locked onto 16 and created a feedback loop with the phone. It seems that the phone chose 156.8Mhz as a carrier channel or a sympathetic channel. That could be a real problem on a flight deck that is either monitoring another aircraft's mayday, or making a call themselves.

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Its been quite on this blog because I've been preoccupied with my boat. Some friends and I brought her down from Tacoma/Seattle last weekend and then we threw a party for those folks and the rest of our friends Saturday.

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