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October 27, 2002
Been Busy

Though Southern Comfort has served the family very well I was told by my wife that we should upgrade. I bought SoCo to make sure that we were going to use it enough and to make sure that my wife really wanted to do this. On the way back from the Delta in September, my wife looked over at me and said something to the effect of, "you've done it - I feel like we've gotten away from it all and I really want to keep boating, but you've got to get me a separate shower and some real living room." So....

I've been busy buying a 1995 47' Bayliner. She is going to be named Carolina Pacific. Here is a current picture of her:

The canvas on the rear of the fly-bridge has to go though. She will be trucked to Anacortes, WA from November 9 to about the 20th. I'm going to bring her to Seattle to winter and cruise in the Puget Sound. She has three bedrooms, 2 full baths with separate stall showers, heat, air conditioning, trash compactor, and a central vacuum. All of the goodies. All I really need to add is a better Zodiac, an Inverter, and upgrade some electronics. When we bring her back in the spring to the Bay Area, we'll have a boat warming cruise...

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