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October 11, 2001
Public Company Straight Shooting

Morningstar had a great article about Expeditors International of Washington (EXPD.) Expeditors is a worldwide assetless freight forwarder which means that they get your pallet of used auto transmissions from Oakland to Katmandu using other carrier's space in planes and freight ships for example. What is really interesting is their investor relations system. They took Reg FD to heart and force everyone to submit their questions monthly. They then issue an 8K with no B.S. involved. They also look like a decent investment with a forward PE in the low 20's.

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October 07, 2001
Prayer has scientifically measureable effect

The New Scientist has an online report that prayer doubled the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization. An American study of South Korean women undergoing IVF had half the group prayed for and half not without their knowledge. The original study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine states that the results were corrected for all of the likely outside influence on the study group and the control group.

Update 10/12/2001: The Journal of Reproductive Medicine has published the research article for free on the web.

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