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December 26, 2003
Xmas Thoughts

I was going to write up my usual pseudo Christmas cheer about the infernalness of toy packaging - the main culprit in my experience being Fisher Price...

However I think Lileks has said it better than I could. Plus I feel a lot of parallels between his thoughts of his Mom and Dad and my own.

Posted by hoffmang at 12:14 PM

December 21, 2003
On Evil

This post from Tyler Cowen at the Conspiracy really made me think.

In light of the events of the past couple of years and the increase in the terror alert today as well as rampant anti Americanism posing as loyal opposition, I have to wonder if it isn't time to take a closer look at the definition of evil and moral.

I am persuaded by the argument that there is some sort of widely applicable moral code, but I just don't believe that the current classic definitions of those who are considered moral really work for the modern understanding of humanity. An interesting question set that I don't have enough of an opinion about yet.

Posted by hoffmang at 01:47 PM

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