Near-Real Time Winds And Tides at Standard Stations in San Francisco Bay - Top -

    Station               Tide (From MLLW)                 Winds (knots)              Time (PDT)
Port Chicago           3.5  ft,Rising       16.7 kts from WSW, gusts to 19.2  16:30  7/14/02

Alameda                6.0  ft,Rising        8.4 kts from W  , gusts to 13.2  16:30  7/14/02

Oakland               ****  ft,             **** kts from W  , gusts to ****  15:06  7/14/02

Golden Gate            5.6  ft,Rising       14.0 kts from WSW, gusts to 21.4  16:30  7/14/02

Redwood City           7.5  ft,Rising       13.0 kts from NW , gusts to 16.5  16:30  7/14/02

Richmond              ****  ft,             **** kts from W  , gusts to ****  22:24 12/31/01

Times are given in PDT (Pacific Time Zone)
Water levels are given with respect to MLLW
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