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November 06, 2007
Great Moments In Security

I'm staying at a fabulous hotel in Zurich called the Widder at the recommendation of Myron Gushlak. The hotel is constructed inside of a group of town homes that date from the 17th century. It's visually stunning, but what made me post is the elevator security. To access most floors on the elevator, guests have to put their key in and turn. I dutifully did so and looked over at the open stairwell that follows the elevator all the way up and down with no access restrictions... To see what I mean click on the Widder website and choose the flash link "Hotel Info" and then "Architecture." Maybe its similar to Spencer Burn's comment that nice neighborhoods are up hills because drunks don't stumble uphill...

Update: To save the flash and soundtrack, here is the image:
Widder Hotel Elevator and Stairs

Posted by hoffmang | November 06, 2007 10:56 AM


Hoffmang.com: Great Moments In Security

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Hoffmang.com: Great Moments In Security

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Hoffmang.com: Great Moments In Security

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