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April 09, 2006
Too little, too late

Today in the news is a new plan from the various wireless carriers to seamlessly hand off calls from the cellular network to VOIP over WIFI called UMA.

It seems obvious to me that if they do not implement this in the next quarter or two, then the adopter curve is going to go exactly the opposite direction. It is clear to me that federated Jabber, Asterisk and/or Skype, and various software packages are going to allow me to create this functionality more cheaply.

As soon as my next Treo has better than 144Kbps access and Wifi access I'm changing my mobile plan. I'm going to only buy unlimited data. Then I'll install a VOIP client on the Treo. With the addition of some software my home, home office, office, and former mobile number will all ring at the handset that makes the most sense. That may be my home phone within the hours that my office phone should ring programmed in. At work, that would be my desk phone because I'd rather not suffer the wireless network when I have lots more bandwidth and a better VOIP phone. However, I can still pick up the line on my Treo as I might be at my house where my coverage is rotten (I live in a canyon covered by no one) or I might be walking around the office. Either way, my IM/VOIP presence application suite will just route the call to the most appropriate place.

I'm really looking forward to people calling my desk line and picking it up about 300 yards offshore in Cabo San Lucas. Carolina Pacific is going to be the ultimate world wide office.

Companies selling non VOIP voice minutes are so screwed.

Posted by hoffmang | April 09, 2006 11:26 PM


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