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February 04, 2006
Mohammed Cartoons

I'm not pleased with the State Department choosing appeasement over the Mohammed Cartoons. Finding them online isn't as easy as it should be so I'll post them here for all to see. I'm surprised at how poor, unfunny, and to most - inoffensive these are.

Update: Michelle Malkin is creating an organized list of those who have posted the Muhammed cartoon images.

Further Update: This brouhaha is starting to make more sense. It seems as if the Danish Muslim went on a road show to show Middle Eastern Islamic leaders the cartoons slipped in three extra especially blasphemous cartoons that have never been published in any western paper so far. Apparently Danish oppression of Muslims is not bad enough and the locally oppressed had to make something up.

Posted by hoffmang | February 04, 2006 04:23 PM


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