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October 05, 2004
It Was Always a War

I read someone somewhere in the blogosphere make a very good point.

We had been at war with Iraq since 1991. That ended when the IPA took control from us a few months ago.

At the end of operation Desert Storm we didn't sign a peace treaty or an armistice. We signed a ceasefire. The only other place that I know of that we did the same thing was Korea, and we've let that one potentially go too far too. My point is that much of this illegal war chatter misses that this was a war that we've been fighting since 1991. Remember Saddam shooting at American aircraft in the no fly zone up to and through 2000?

I do think that lots of people don't want to admit that we're having to get tough on all of the countries that threaten us to make sure that there is less support for those who would ally against us. I honestly think much of the opposition doesn't believe in getting tough on anyone.

I also think that those that oppose our attempt at finishing the war against Iraq either intentionally ignore or are unaware of the strategic advantages we gained by removing our troops from Saudi Arabia to a country that borders Iran and Syria. We and the Israelis have both of them surrounded and they are the last open renegades left in the Middle East.

Posted by hoffmang | October 05, 2004 11:14 PM


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