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March 07, 2004
What Really is the Argument Against Homosexuality

The argument against homosexuality comes down to an "axiom" masked in a debate about whether Homosexuality is a choice. My personal feeling on the choice debate is that there is a continuum of sexual orientation and different people are placed by "nature", in the nature v. nurture sense, on the homosexual end of that spectrum. My experience with my homosexual friends is that they have no more power over their sexual orientation than I do over mine. In fact I've watched a few of them suffer until they accepted how they truly felt.

For the sake of exposing the argument a bit I will however accept that homosexual orientation is 100% personal choice. If we work from this thesis, then homosexual orientation is no different than religious orientation in the framework of legal rights and discrimination. Both are choices. Jews can become christians, muslims jews, etc...

In the religious context, wouldn't everyone have a problem with statements like, "all fundamentalist christians should not dishonor marriage with speaking in tongues and thus should not be allowed to marry" or, "all muslims are adulterous and thus don't deserve a full legal right to marry?" I can not see any difference in the current arguments used to justify separate but equal treatment for homosexuals at best and plain old discrimination at worst from these sorts of tenets about religious discrimination. In the old south, where I'm from, I know that the feeling about Catholics used to be that they were one step up from snake charmers. Do Catholics really want precedent that personal choice should be grounds for oppression? I know I'm ignoring the First Amendment here, but people are talking about amending the constitution.

If we all still wanted non intrusive behavior to be legislated by government, then I want to pass a law that denies marriage to sanctimonious religion folks. If people are legislating morality, where is the do unto others part?

Posted by hoffmang | March 07, 2004 10:06 AM


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