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January 13, 2004
Handling Spam

There is news today that Yahoo! is moving ahead with its Domain Keys project. The concept as best I can assimilate it from the various online articles is that Yahoo is going to add a mail header that is composed of a random bit of data that is then signed with a public key. Yahoo! is then going to publish the public key in their DNS records.

Its an interesting proposal in that it addresses one of the small failings of Sender Permitted From. The issue with SPF is that if you automatically forward mail to yourself, your spam filter may pick up the message as being a message sent from a non permitted from IP.

There is lots of "this will do nothing to help" naysaying on the web about the Yahoo! proposal, and I would suspect that the same arguments would be made about SPF. What people are not catching is that either of these proposals allow a spam filter to seriously raise the spam likelihood of non authenticated messages over time and to trust that authenticated domains that are not blacklisted don't send spam. The main way those domains can stay off the blacklists are to either behave or throttle third party users "mails per time" settings.

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