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April 11, 2003
Central Nitwit Network

I'm shocked at the lack of decency that CNN showed in its coverage of Iraq. Eason Jordan's Op-Ed shows something truly despicable. The best analysis I've seen on the matter interweaves Jordan's comments with his interview a while back and comes from Eugene Volokh. Scroll up for Dr. Volokh's similiar but slightly different take on all of this.

Normally, I would be making some comment about how there is a lot to be said for CNN admitting this in arrears, but at some point the Enron comparison becomes valid here. CNN's objectivity on something so extreme is vital to the national discourse. CNN was trading on the public's assumption that CNN's reporting only held the usual biases that American media outlets often have. It turns out that staff members were being tortured and CNN's coverage was being extorted. This sounds like an attempt to head the subsequent bad news off at the pass. Plus, how does a businessman justify letting only a few of your staffers get tortured. CNN ends up being complicit ala Tokyo Rose.

If CNN had been reporting Iraqi atrocities to the American people, the entire debate over war there would have been vastly different.

Thanks to the clever woman with whom I live for the title of this post.

Posted by hoffmang | April 11, 2003 06:04 PM


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