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January 25, 2003
A CIO Needs to Loose a Job

You may or may not have noticed the Microsoft SQL Server worm that hit the internet around 11:00PM Pacific on Friday the 25th. It apparently exploits a weakness that was publicized in June of 2002 and for which MS published a fix for the vulnerability.

Well, now a whole bunch of companies got caught with their pants down more than 6 months later.

I had an appointment with SBC to have my business line repaired. For some reason I can't get dial-tone on it... They were supposed to come between 8am and Noon. Last night their IT department allowed something amazingly stupid to happen. They didn't patch their SQL Server installs and left them available to outside internet addresses and now the entire IT operations of SBC are inoperable. Lineman can't get their work assignments and even if they could, they can't access the line database to make changes or check routing.

I'm going to make them pay for my 4 hours at my regular hourly rate - not cheap... This happens after September 11, and in the face of heightened security and specific threats as well as pending ground war. I want to see Edward Glotzbach's resignation on Monday.

Its not just SBC. One of SBC's customer support folks told me that BofA is down too and I've confirmed that they are at least somewhat effected.

Posted by hoffmang | January 25, 2003 02:06 PM


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