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December 16, 2002
Thoughts on a Strong Supreme Court 2nd Amendment Decision

An editorial in USA Today makes some points along the lines of conversations I've been having with folks in the wake of the recent 9th Circuit decision.

Though, I don't agree fully that gun registration would pass judicial scrutiny if the Supremes ruled that the 2nd Amendment protects an individual right as I think the privacy issues will hold sway, I do think that lots of other forms of honestly rational gun control schemes could come into play. It would certainly lessen the number one worry of gun owners about registration - namely that gun registration is usually a precursor to confiscation.

Many gun rights supporters have a healthy suspicion of proposals currently put forth in the guise of "sensible" gun control that are often really attempts to chip away at the natural right to own and be armed or outright attempts to start down the slippery slope to ban privately owned arms.

I've discussed a lot of the current gun control regime here in California with supporters and haters alike. For example, I support safety and skills testing, but those requirements have to have common sense around them like reasonable estate transfer regimes, and tests that are legitimately equivalent to a DMV test and not a government list of all gun owners. The worry today is that the anti-gun crowd are really using these as tools to harass gun owners.

With a strong individual rights 2nd Amendment ruling, a lot of gun supporters will join the ranks of those that support training requirements, background check, and other regulation that gain more peace versus hassles gun owners.

Posted by hoffmang | December 16, 2002 12:01 AM


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