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February 26, 2002
The Treo Arrived

After a long wait and much consternation over a Fedex delivery snafu, I now hold my Treo in my hand. This is absolutely the most fabulous piece of technology that I have laid my hands on in a long time.

This device is well thought out. Jeff and Donna have added refinements all around to the PDA components that just make so much sense. A simple example is the much improved calculator that does everything from financial calculations to volume conversions and metric to sae conversions.

The phone is very nicely executed. I am very picky about sound quality, and though the Treo has slightly less tone quality than my wonderful StarTac that I had kept solely due to its tone quality, it is more than adequate. I also do not feel nearly as dorky as I thought I might using the entire device as a flip phone instead of with the included ear bud. SMS is now really easy to use both in phone to phone, email to phone, and phone to email modes. No longer does one have to know the magic voodoo to send email using SMS off of the phone.

I have not yet tried the dial up IP access as I need to call my provider and get them to turn data communications on, but set up was certainly easy. The interesting thing to me is that I will barely need this holdover until GPRS as SMS messaging will solve most of my wireless needs. Web apps are really going to be the only reason I really need to dial up, but having full send/receive access to my primary email account is going to be very sweet. Plus, 2.5G and a software upgrade sometime this summer means surfing the web and checking email from my Treo at 128Kbps. I can hardly wait.

As I told my wife, this is the device I have been begging for for the last 5 years.

Posted by hoffmang | February 26, 2002 09:43 PM


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