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February 27, 2002
Hollings Marches Out The SSSCA

You can read my rant below about DRM, but if you are not familiar with the issue check out this wired story about the SSSCA. The basic concept is that Hollings wants to pass a law that requires DRM to be built into all interactive digital devices.

Of course, this is basically prior restraint of free speech which is a First Amendment no-no. Fair use has always been the tool that the court has looked to to resolve the natural tension between Article I Section 8 of the Constitution and the First Amendment which of course was passed more recently. Systems like this have only the purpose of gutting fair use as piracy will always continue around the edges without effective enforcement. Plus, DRM is such a wonderful way to alienate your customers and restrain technology innovation.

Posted by hoffmang | February 27, 2002 11:39 PM


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