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April 27, 2002
The Internet Should Get Less Speech Protection?

Julie Hilden writes that speech protections should be less on the internet. Her thesis seems to be that since far more speakers publish, and they tend only to support their own ideas, there isn't a healthy discourse because they only link to items that support their position.

I prefer another version of her thesis. Since the ignorant populace can now speak without moderation we shouldn't protect ignorance as well as we protected speech of the classic publishers. Can folks really think that the enabling of the masses to publish is somehow worse than limiting it to Hearst. The only real difference in speech on the internet is the compression of time and distance. After that, we can no better protect people from their own ignorance - and lack of desire to read countervailing arguments than we ever have. At least now the opposing argument is but a search engine away.

Posted by hoffmang | April 27, 2002 04:25 PM


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