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May 02, 2002
Presumptive Libertarian

Eugene Volokh has a very interesting piece responding to Francis Fukuyama's Oped in the Journal regarding a supposed decline of the political strength of the libertarian movement in America based on September 11 and cloning. I'll let Eugene speak for himself.

What I found very compelling was his introduction of the concept of a "presumptive libertarian." This is the closest I've seen to being able to encapsulate my own political world view.

To the extent that libertarianism has worked itself into American political culture, it has been as what I call "presumptive libertarianism" -- a presumption that people should be free to choose, and free to keep and use their property, but one that can be rebutted when there are strong enough arguments to the contrary, e.g., national defense, protecting children, and so on.
Always nice to find a simple concept to express a relatively complete political system.

Posted by hoffmang | May 02, 2002 11:55 PM


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