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June 21, 2002
Bad Boating and Bad Driving

I finally knuckled under to an itch I've had since I was 14 and bought a power boat. In so doing, I've become a regular haunt at Boatered which is an excellent message board for powerboaters to swap stories, ask and answer questions, and generally become (or brush off) less newbie skills.

Lately there was a rant about Personal Watercraft (PWCs in the lingo) and the absolute morons who drive them at the risk of life, limb, and fiberglass to those of us who drive less *ahem* maneuverable craft (I have everything except a dishwasher and a washer dryer...) It is a scary fact that most power boaters do not know anything about boating - like the rules of the road. We boaters debate the age old question of freedom - which all boaters like - versus licensing...

Anyway. This debate came front and center as my wife, 3 month old daughter, and I decided to take I-5 from San Francisco to Canada... Did I mention that people with driver's licenses can't drive anyway? I now remember why I decided to stop taking long car trips. I am absolutely forced to pass on the right to maintain the speed limit, much less the usual rest of traffic +10mph... I do not have enough memory in my Treo to count the number of morons who couldn't read the "slower traffic keep right" sign as they passed it! In one case in central Washington state, a person decided that the 3 empty lanes to the right where the nearest car was 2 miles away were not good enough.

I feel better now, but there is still that part about heading south... *rhetorical* How much does shipping a car cost again? */rhetorical*.

Posted by hoffmang | June 21, 2002 09:58 PM


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