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July 07, 2002
Stepping Back From Ideology

There is a car that parks down the street from my house. I see it when I walk my dogs. It is clearly owned by a person who is classically liberal as the person is wearing her ideology on her bumper. I notice it because as I step back from the positions and the ingrained liberal/conservative meme it points out a very funny correlation.

The bumper stickers are:
"Love Animals, don't eat them" and
"If your against abortion, don't have one"

Why is it that the destruction of warm and fuzzy animals for food is bad while the destruction of (soon to be) warm and (not so) fuzzy babies is ok? Don't get me wrong here - I support choice wholeheartedly. I don't however support animal rights vegetarian/veganism though I do support attempts to stop needless animal cruelty... No matter. It just seems ironic to me that those two ideologies are so often found together.

Posted by hoffmang | July 07, 2002 11:21 PM


Hoffmang.com: Stepping Back From Ideology

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Hoffmang.com: Stepping Back From Ideology

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